La Tordera

These beautiful, quality Prosecco wines are made with hand picked grapes on land that is farmed with a real focus on sustainably.  Prefering manual labour over machines and operating from a CasaClima certified production facility, La Tordera also actively minimise the use of chemical intervention meaning these wines are low in sulphites too.

Prosecco should make you smile, popping a cork on any of these great sparkling wines will give you good reason!

See below for our low down on sweetness in Prosecco.




Prosecco - Is it Sweet or Dry?

OK, the labelling of Prosecco is really confusing when trying to figure out what is Dry or Sweet or somewhere in the middle.

Prosecco is labelled with one of three sweetness levels according to how much sugar remains in the wine (residual sugar) measured in grams per litre.  The more sugar, the sweeter the wine!  So... we can see in the little table below that Prosecco labelled as Dry is actually the sweetest level... confused, well obviously! 

  • Brut  0>12g/Ltr – Up to a half gram of sugar per glass
  • Extra Dry  12>17g/Ltr - Just over half a gram of sugar per glass
  • Dry  17>32gLtr – Up to 1 gram of sugar per glass

But now that we know this...

Brut is the low sugar (very dry) Prosecco with Extra Dry being sweeter and Dry, sweeter still.

To further complicate things, the fruity characteristic of Glera grapes can make Prosecco 'feel' sweeter than it's sugar content might suggest.

Most Prosecco drunk in the UK is Extra Dry so let's break it down like this:

  • Prosecco - Dry = Sweet
  • Prosecco - Extra Dry = Medium/Sweet
  • Prosecco - Brut = Dry

We have two Extra Dry (Serrai & Alné) and one Dry (Tittoni) Prosecco's in our range.  Take your pick, they're all terrific!

About La Tordera

Family owned and run, the La Tordera vineyards sit in the heart of Valdobbiadene, the smallest and most exclusive area for growing the Glera grapes that make Prosecco.

La Tordera is actually located on the hills of Valdobbiadene, in the heart of the Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area, between Venice and the Dolomites.  Given the long family association with the area and the land, there's a real and genuine commitment to farming sustainably.  This is born out by huge investment in the new CasaClima certified winery that uses clever architectural design to minimise energy usage and solar power to deliver 70% of the electricity used.

Here's a little taste of their philosophy...

" is out of respect for this little paradise and the wonderful fruits that it gives us, that we look for ever more green viticulture in harmony with the environment, with constant thought for past and future generations."

The name La Tordera is taken from a gentle hill in the Cartizze area nearby.  The winery works exclusively with grapes from the privately-owned owned estate which is cultivated by the family. The vineyards span over 27 places within the Prosecco Superiore DOCG production area, including 15 municipalities in the province of Treviso. Here the clayey soil offers the perfect conditions to grow vines, which always produce an abundance of fruit.

The harvest is completely done by hand to maintain the consistency and healthiness of the grapes. The proximity of the vineyards to the winery allows the grapes to be transported to the winery quickly and often and in small carts.  The high quality of grape bunches reaching the winery intact means a reduction in the amount of sulphites added during vinification.

La Tordera Prosecco's are clean and lively, fantastic value and perfect for entertaining.

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