La Bollina

The ancient and prestigious estate of Tenuta “La Bollina” is situated in the beautiful countryside of Valle Scrivia, in the province of Alessandria between Novi Ligure and Gavi and for centuries was the summer residence of the Marquesses Figari of Genova.

The estate comprises an area of 120 hectares and is surrounded by hills and chestnut woods.  This charming environment and temperate climate is ideally suited to the cultivation of grapes and is known worldwide for the production of the 'cortese' used to make fine “Gavi” wine.

The winery itself is newly renovated and a tour de force of the latest wine making technology.  Some contrast to the beautiful historic buildings and landscape that surround it.

The Rated Wine Company carry a number of La Bollina wines for one simple reason, they're all absolutely wonderful!

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