Martin Berasategui Campustauru Roble - 2018

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Why you'll love this wine?

Martin Berasategui Campustauru Roble is 100% Tempranillo and so many will recognise characteristics that are typical of wines from Rioja. But Ribera del Duero presents a harsher growing environment with wilder weather, it snows here regularly! Frost, wind, hail, scorching heat and harvest-time rains are common. Most vineyards sit between 2,200 feet to 2,800 feet above sea level, which ensures cool, fresh nights even when the days are hot.

This pushes those Tempranillo characteristics to their extremes so expect oodles of ripe fruit, leather, tobacco, and a nice drying oaky finish. Did anyone mention Rioja…!?


What are wine lovers like you saying...

“Agree with all the comments a great wine…”

“Fruity and earthy hints in the nose. Nice structure. Full bodied with a wonderful nose. Nice value for money…”

“This is much better than other wineries with more popularity. It approaches a Lopez Cristobal (for me this is still the reference). What I find is expected, intense cherry red color, taste of red fruit, raspberry, blackberry etc and its post taste with that touch of the oak barrel that is at its right point. Without wild tannin. What more can you ask for? A success.”

Who made this lovely wine..?

Belasco Berasategui

An obsession for quality and excellence led Martín Berasategui, the only Spanish chef who boasts 7 Michelin Stars, to embark upon a wine, liquer and food project endorsed and enhanced by his image.

Well aware that a great projects need to be backed by an excellent team, he joined forces with Grupo La Navarra and Familia Belasco who have been dedicated to this world since 1580, having wineries in different parts of Spain (Navarra, Rueda, Toro) and in Argentina (Mendoza).


This wine originates from the coolest vineyards near to the banks of the Duero River. The soils are sandy loams with a small amount of gravel.

20 day maceration. 5 months in casks that are 50% french oak 50% american oak.


Belasco Berasategui
Ribera del Duero
Red Wine
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