Luciano Arduini Valpolicella Ripasso Classico Superiore - 2017

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Why you'll love this wine?

Generally considered to be better value than the highly prestigious Amarone wines. Valpolicella Ripasso is also more user friendly and by this we mean you’ll find more opportunities to pull a cork on one of these.

Valpolicella, Amarone and Ripasso.. confused..?

I just couldn’t do this any better than Madeline over at Wine Folly, so if you want a lesson on what’s behind some of Italy’s finest wines she’ll put you straight.

This is a beauty of a wine with a really food friendly character that gives itself to you abundantly. There’s plum and a little dried fruit, maybe raisins or prunes, but it’s fresh too with a nice herby, berry thing going on that gives way to a warm clean chocolate finish.


What are wine lovers like you saying...

“The best Ripasso I’ve tried. Top note of vanilla & ripe berries. The palate was full of sweet berry fruits & the structure made it very drinkable. “

“Very nice, full bodied, beautifully coloured Ripasso. Fruity perfume, blackberry, prune, chocolate. On the palate the black fruits and dried raisins mix very well with the chocolate, pepper, clove, earthy tones, and a nice, subtle acidity. Gets much better after couple of hours of breathing.”

Who made this lovely wine and how...?

Luciano Arduini

Luciano Arduini was founded back in the 1940s, when grandfather Gabriele started up his business in the small town of “Canal” in Marano Valpolicella.

In 1969, Battista inherited the business in Corrubbio, going on to develop the company by gradually merging with land belonging to the ancient farm of Villa Banda Amistà, as can be seen by the “Fongo Fountain”, surrounded by the centuries-old cypress trees, near to the new winery.

Luciano, currently at the helm, has followed in the innovative footsteps of his father Battista carrying on his winemaking culture yet interpreting it with his own personal vision. In fact, in the year 2000, Arduini took an innovative leap forward compared to the previous structure, beginning to produce wine in a new and modern winery.

Today, Luciano works together with his son, Andrea, to both grow the grapevines and make the wine. His wife Silvana takes care of the administrative management side.

The company Luciano Arduini continues to grow and, as it gains new experiences, it develops and innovates, following the evolutionary path mapped out by grandfather Gabriele over seventy years ago.


The grapes are harvested and then sorted by hand by the first ten days of October.

De-stalking and gentle pressing. First maceration lasting approx. 15 days during which time manual punching down and pumping over is carried out. Afterwards, the “Ripasso” technique is used, involving fermentation on intact Amarone grape skins for around 10 days between February and March. After being drawn off, the wine is transferred into casks where it is left to mature for around 12 months, after which it undergoes further

Luciano Arduini
Red Wine
Alcohol By Vol.
Bottle Size
60% Corvina, 20% Corvinone, 20% Rondinella
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