La Bollina - Gavi - 2018

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Why you'll love this wine?

Another beautiful bicycle from La Bollina!

Dont judge a book… they say and it’s often true with wine. Too often the high expectation created by a great label ends in disappointed spittle in the tasters spittoon.

Not this time though, La Bollina Gavi is magnificent. Cortese, which this is made from, can for me be overly flowery, a bit sickly and cloying. Sure, this wine has floral notes, tasting like the edible flowers you might add to a fancy salad, but it’s dominated by a refreshing pear and apple flavour that keeps the overall experience lighter than you might expect.

It’s warm and a little woody too with some honey and mineral flavours all of which means I’d recommend this to accompany some light bites.


Best enjoyed with...

I took a bottle of this along to a garden party the other day. A good friend, dressed in a lovely, wild flower printed dress, raved about it as we muched on spicy, fishy, nibbles.

Looking back, her energetic personality and attire seems to sum up this wine perfectly. Open up a bottle yourself, perhaps you’ll be treated to an audience with the bright, cheerful, girl who brings spring flowers to the party at the end of summer!


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“Very good for the price. Well structured with a fruity touch without it being too much and added fine acid notes. I like…”

“Dry, crisp, fresh fruit taste. Great aromas. Went well with fresh fluke in a mild spicy St Martin fish rub…”

Who made this lovely wine...?

La Bollina

Situated in Piedmont, the historical territory specializing in Gavi DOCG production, La Bollina has for centuries been the residence Marchioness Figari of Genova. Within the 120 hectares estate and surrounded by hills and chestnut woods (yeah lucky right!), La Bollina develops a selection of delicious and prestigious wines. Totally renovated in recent years, La Bollina now has the latest technology and uses the most modern techniques for wine making.

La Bollina
White Wine
Alcohol By Vol.
Bottle Size
Serve At
10 - 12c

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