Corte Medicea - La Bollina - Atos - 2015

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Why you'll love this wine?

Imagine bottling Monica Belucci?! An odd idea I know but run with me on this… Atos is voluptuous, seductive, alluring and opulent… yes really, this wine is sexy!

It’s a 100% Merlot Super Tuscan from err.. Tuscany, but as is the case here, not all Super Tuscans are equal! Rich, mellow, indulgent and definitely a robust full bodied wine but so gorgeously mellow and well balanced that it’s sure to have a broad appeal.

Corte Medicea Atos is a big, complex proposition bursting with ripe black fruits, vanilla, black cherry and a Bramley apple citrus note too. It’s also a little herby and grassy, perhaps a hint of Rosemary? It leaves your palette (and your heart) warmed with a soft peppery note that settles to hints of wood and spice. Amazing!

The smoothness and balance is the real stand out characteristic and so Atos might appeal if other big hitting Super Tuscan style wines (that can slap your face) are not always your thing.

Massively well reviewed, ole’ Luca Maroni gave this one 99 Points. With a Vivino rating of 4.1 from nearly 2000 reviewers this sure is one superstar wine that you really shouldn’t miss.


Best enjoyed with...

The aforementioned lady herself of course… but if we have to focus on food then I found myself wanting good strong hard cheese. Something like an aged Gouda or a Pecorino.

Atos is going to hold its own against any rich indulgent food, game casserole, rich pasta dishes, meats of any kind and if you’re feeling decadent… open a bottle with that Ribeye steak you’ve thrown on the BBQ!


Vivino Rating & Awards


What are wine lovers like you saying...

“Spectacular wine. Loaded dark juicy ripe red and blue fruit core, leather, oak and smoke. Elegant tannins and supremely balance acidity. This is a real crowd pleaser with a fine crafted finesse. Well done.”

“For me, excellent in all respects. Very dark blueish black in the glass. Strong nose of sweet blackberries. Full bramble berry fruit on the palate, with juicy acidity. Soft tannins on the finish with a touch of peppery spice. Complex and interesting throughout. Drinking very well now and will undoubtedly become even better with time. Feel I ought to stock up.”

Who made this lovely wine and how...?

Corte Medicea

Corte Medicea is a project of the Bollina trade Cooperative. The cooperative represents these three excellent wineries:

  • Azienda Agricola Luciano Arduini in the Valpolicella
  • Società Agricola La Bollina in the Piedmont
  • Azienda Agricola Marco Lazzeretti in Montalcino

Bollina offers the oenologist Andrea Bernardini the opportunity to realise his own project and Corte Medicea Atos is one of them.


Merlot, often blended with other varieties in Italian wines, can, as we now know, also produce a delightful and intriguing pure varietal wine.

Merlot is generally characterised by ripe, fruity aromas and complex, subtle, full-bodied flavours. Merlot grapes like wood and so oak is often used to augment the wine’s tannins and enhance the complexity and also subtlety of the wine.

As we can see here, in the hands of the talented wine maker Andrea Bernardini, Merlot can produce some simply stunning wines with concentrated aromas, good fruit and acidity and long, complex finishes.

Merlot is widely grown and is the fifth most commonly planted grape variety in Italy. Tuscany, where Merlot is used liberally in the production of Super-Tuscan wines just like this one, has perhaps quite rightly received the most attention for Merlot production.


The vineyards are located in San Casciano dei Bagni in the province of Siena situated approximately 380 to 400 meters above sea level.

The 10 to 45 year old vines stand on a loam bottom and grow according to the cordon and guyot system. Grapes are harvested by hand into small boxes. The maceration lasted four days. After a two-week fermentation, the wine is matured for 18 months in 225-liter French oak barrels. Only around 10,000 bottles were bottled.

Corte Medicea
Dry Red
Alcohol By Vol.
Bottle Size
Serve At
10 - 12c

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