Château Vignol - Entre-deux-Mers - 2018

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Why you'll love this wine?

I can think of a dozen situations where I’d reach for this and be happy I did..

Unpretentious and lively it just makes you smile… or maybe you’re smiling because it tastes so good and only cost you a tenner?

Delicious and refreshing, this French, mostly Sauvignon Blanc blend, could have you fooled as it kicks like good New Zealand Sauvignon should… it’s all lemon, grassy, melon, gooseberry, kiwi fruit, fresh, clean and acidic (you know… in a nice way). The other grapes in the blend round it out by adding a slightly spicy-flowery quality.

It’s incredibly good value for money and picked up a Gold Medal in Lyon for this 2018 Vintage.


Best enjoyed with...

Crisp and light it’s good to go alone but its gooseberry acidity will work really well with fishy nibbles, pickles, caviar blinis… ah now I’m losing myself…


What are wine lovers like you saying...

“Lovely tropical fruit, in this grassy Sauv Blanc.”

“Expressive floral and earth nose. Body is pineapple, citrus, touch of honey, melon and apple. Delicious and refreshing.”

Who made this lovely wine...?

Château Vignol

Meaning ‘Between two seas’ Entre-Deux-Mers is the large expanse of undulating hills situated between the tributaries of the Gironde Estuary in Bordeaux.

The Doublet family have been making wines on this Estate since the late 1800’s. The Chateau is steeped in history and once belonged to the famous philosopher Baron de Montesquieu.

Now sheltering the third generation of the Doublet family, Bernard and Dominique have developed the vineyard in recent years with the idea of ​​producing high quality Bordeaux and Entre-deux-Mers.

In 1987, in search of new flavours, they crossed the Garonne to invest in Beautiran in the Graves of the north. Château Tour de Calens was reborn. In 1996, their children Alexandre and Jean-Thomas joined the family business and added new momentum. This dynamic asserted itself all the more in 2009, when they crossed the river Dordogne for the terroir of Saint-Emilion and a vineyard named Château Saint-Ange. Today, bottles with “three doublets” (the heraldic name of the dragonfly) is represented on all of the family’s wine foils.

Château Vignol
White Wine
Alcohol By Vol.
Bottle Size
Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Muscadelle
Serve At
10 - 12c

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