Drink more Rosé... who says you should save it for the summer?!

Posted by April Owen on Nov 13, 2019

Drink more Rosé... who says you should save it for the summer?!


At Rated Wine we just don't buy this notion that Rosé is a summer drink.  Sure, it's easy to picture yourself lolling about on a pretty bistro chair swirling a glass whilst you gaze over the Côtes d'Azur but really, the pink stuff is so goddamn versatile, often so goddamn good, that you're truly missing out if your Rosé drinking stops in October!

As the leaves put on their spectacular autumnal finale it's natural to be switching up your wine choices.  Wood smoke, wool and wet dogs might turn your mind to bolder, warming red wines and that's good too, we're not sure that Brunello is a summer drink either, but hear this...

The flavour profile of rosé makes it a perfect pairing for some terrific winter comfort food favourites, think tarragon chicken, pan fried pork chops with fennel and mash, or even a wild mushroom risotto, outrageous!.  The subtle red berry flavours won’t overwhelm and it's food like this that'll shine a Super Trouper on rosé's versatility, dishes that are too light for red, but too complex and hearty for a white.

So what's the secret to drinking Rosé all year long??

Simple, don't drink it straight from the fridge.  This is probably the perception shift that'll turn you from doubter to evangelist.  Just don't drink it so cold.  Treat it like a red wine but cool it a little.  You'll find the fresh, crisp, acidity (you're so familiar with) gives way to a much more mellow red wine like experience.  The tannin will be more apparent and hey presto, it's like a different drink!

Here's the low down on a couple of Rated Wine Rosé's that'll bend your perceptions and have you typing that hashtag too!

La Bollina Tinetta - Monferrato Chiaretto DOC - 2018

La Bollina Tinetta - Monferrato Chiaretto DOC - 2018

La Bollina Tinetta is a great example of this versatiity.  Made from nebbiolo grapes, this ‘chiaretto’ (Italian for pale rosé) is bursting with redcurrant, ripe fruit and mint. But it’s complex too, stonefruit fresh on the palate, spicy and a little citrusy, almost creamy with a hint of lime on the finish.

Gary Vaynerchuk described Tinetta as ‘the best Rosé I’ve had this year’ which is some complement indeed… The name’s a mouthful.. but at Rated Wine HQ we know it simply as ‘Tinetta’ and when I say know it… I mean we reeeaally know it… this is a big Staff favourite! The cute label sets you up for this blindingly delicious Rosé.

Another spectacular ‘bicycle’ from La Bollina, how can they all be this good?!

Château Vignol Bordeaux Clairet - 2018

Château Vignol Bordeaux Clairet - 2018

It’s wine Jim but not as we know it!  Château Vignol Bordeaux Clairet is a full-flavoured Rosé and light low tannin Red wine all in one.

Maybe the most versatile bottle in your fridge, you could break this out chilled as a sturdy afternoon tipple with some snacks or serve it up at dinner with a nice veggie bean stew.  A bit of Chameleon then, Clairet is incredibly versatile and food friendly. So chill it down and drink it like summer Rosé with canapés and tapas or a little warmer and it’s a lovely light drinking red wine.

Sitting right in the gap between a Red wine and Rosé wine, its fuller style means it has a wide appeal and might interest those who find more ‘traditional’ red wine too bold or heavy.

Unusual and delicious, Clairet is also a bargain.