About Us

The Rated Wine Company has been setup to provide the webs' highest rated wines at the best prices to fellow wine lovers in the UK.
So if you're looking for a 99 point Luca Maroni Italian Merlot you've come to the right place... give Atos a try.

Based in Bristol, our team of wine enthusiasts are working hard to identify what wine drinkers around the world are enjoying.  Using our existing network of contacts in the industry we're bringing these wines into the UK for your enjoyment.

We only sell wines that we love and drink ourselves but in addition to our own seal of approval, all of the wines you find on our site will have been favourably reviewed by hundreds or thousands of wine enthusiasts just like you.  But... just because we're seeking out the best wines, it doesn't mean they're the most expensive.  Chateau Vignol - Entre-Deux-Mers is a fantastic easy drinking French White Wine from Bordeaux and for less than a tenner, frankly it's a bargain.

We hope you enjoy the simplicity of shopping at The Rated Wine Company in the knowledge that thousands of wine lovers already think our wines are amazing too!